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WUUKAH Atomizer Base by Leaf Buddi

WUUKAH Atomizer Base by Leaf Buddi

Please Note: Wuukah Atomizer Base comes with the Ceramic Conduction Cup ONLY. Additional Conduction Cups must be purchased separately.

The WUUKAH Atomizer Base is made specifically for the WUUKAH Vaporizer from Leaf Buddi. It features a ceramic cup attached to the base but can be switched out for use with other WUUKAH Conduction Cup heating elements like the titanium or quartz options, depending on your preference. With a threaded tip, the usage and replacement of the heating elements are made simple and straightforward, thanks to this atomizer base.

The Ceramic Cup included with the atomizer base is a ceramic-based heating element made with high quality material to ensure that your wax concentrates and other favorite extracts are heated using the best heating element available on the market. Ceramic boasts low and slow heating capabilities which makes it great for consuming wax concentrates as they can be vaporized without having to reach the point of combustion. Featuring a coil-less design, the Ceramic Cup offers efficient and practical vaporization of your wax concentrates and allows it to be vaporized to the last drop.

Sold individually.