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VAPTIO Cosmo Coils 5pk

VAPTIO Cosmo Coils 5pk

These are the replacement coils for the Cosmo 30W Kit and the Tyro 25W Kit, both from Vaptio

Cosmo Coils:

C2 - Kanthal 0.7Ω (15-23W) - can generate massive clouds with pure tastes in DL vaping

C1 - Kanthal 1.6Ω (10-15W) - born for superior MTL pleasure with dense flavors

C3 - 1.2Ω (9-15W) - excellent flavor and dense clouds

C4 - Mesh 0.7Ω (10-20W) - with cellular cotton and innovative mesh, gives stronger e-juice absorption, faster heat-up and cool-down, as well as high flavor fidelity in DL vaping

Sold in packs of 5.