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OneVape Mace RBA Coil

OneVape Mace RBA Coil

The Mace RBA Coil is compatible with the Mace Series devices from OneVape which include the Mace55 Pod SystemMace80 Pod System, and the replacement pod for the two devices, the Mace Pod

Supports 0.2Ω-2.5Ω Coil

Smooth for MTL flavor

How to Build the RBA:

  1. Clean your hands before starting.
  2. Take RBA deck apart.
  3. To install and position the pre-wrapped coil, place the coil between the posts and wrap the ends around the screws and tighten up. Once all in place, make sure the coil is fixed in the center and lined up with the air hole. Also make sure the coil is not touching the base.
  4. Cut the ends of wire off.
  5. Cut a strip of cotton at an angle (the perfect amount, not too much, not too little).
  6. Insert the cotton and place it in the middle.
  7. Wet the area with e-liquid and adjust the cotton.

Warning: Coil must be checked for resistance before they are fired on a device and re-checked periodically to ensure the resistance remains the same.

Sold individually.