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Frogman 5pk Coils by VAPTIO

Frogman 5pk Coils by VAPTIO

The W series Frogman Replacement Coils by VAPTIO come in 4 different options. They are compatible with both the Super Bat 220W Kit and the newly released Capt'n Kit. These coils are also compatible with the Frogman C Tank, the featured tank on the IronClad Kit.

Frogman W2 - 0.4 Ohm 

Intense Flavor and Vapor Production

Rated: 30-80W / Best: 45-65W

Frogman W4 - 0.15 Ohm

Balance Flavor and Vapor

Rated: 30-70W / Best: 45-60W

Frogman W6 - 0.2 Ohm

Massive Clouds Under High Wattage, Good Flavor

Rated: 40-130W / Best: 70-90W

Frogman W8 - 0.15 Ohm

Optimal Performance For Both Flavor and Cloud

Rated: 50-110W / Best: 60-80W