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Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer Kit
Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer Kit
Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer Kit
Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer Kit
Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer Kit
Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer Kit

Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer Kit

Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer Kit

Combining top performance and ergonomic, efficient design, the Exxus Mini Plus is a dry herb vaporizer you're not going to want to miss out on.

Enjoy unforgettable sessions with the help of the Exxus Mini Plus by Exxus Vape! This one of a kind device is sure to elevate your experience like never before. At 4 inches tall and 1 inch wide, the Exxus Mini Plus is ergonomically designed to fit the curvature of your hand, fitting comfortably while held on the go. This little device gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite dry herb or concentrate anytime, anywhere. Constructed with top of the line aluminum and gunmetal, the vaporizer is visually stunning, modern, as well as fashionable. Crafted of highly sturdy materials the Exxus Mini Plus is durable as well as resilient, making it perfect for anyone who is accident prone.

Haptic Feedback

<30" Heating Up

Adjustable Temperature 320° - 410°F

Micro USB Charging

Magnetic Mouthpiece

Compact 4" Tall

MESH CONCENTRATE CHAMBER & LOADING THE MINI PLUS - Loading your concentrates is easy too! First remove the magnetic connected mouthpiece and load your desired concentrate into a concentrate skillet. Place the skillet in the chamber, and there you go. You're all set to vape.

Inserting Mesh Chamber

Pull the mouthpiece off of the unit. Place the mesh chamber into the unit. Load desired amount of concentrate into chamber. Do not use any liquids. Use highly viscous materials/concentrates only. For best results, we recommend filling the chamber less than about halfway. Place mouthpiece back onto the unit and enjoy!

Cleaning Mesh Chamber

Once you have finished your session, pull off the mouthpiece. To remove the chamber from the unit you must first preheat it. This helps to loosen it. Once heated, it should easily come out. Use caution as chamber will be hot. Make sure to use a dab swab to wipe off the excess before vaping again. Neglecting to clean your unit can damage it and void your warranty. 

HOW TO USE THE EXXUS MINI PLUS - To load your favorite dry herb, first preheat the unit allowing it to heat up without the magnetic mouthpiece. While your vaporizer is heating up, grind your dry herb finely so it resembles crushed pepper. Fill the chamber with the desired amount and gently pack it down then enjoy. Simple as that!

Packing the Mini Plus

If over-packed, the Exxus Mini Plus won't have good airflow. Be sure to stir your herb after/while using. If discolored, it is no longer usable but if there is still color, it is still usable.

Loading the Mini

Remove the mouthpiece. Load herbs loosely and gently pack down. Put mouthpiece back on and enjoy vaping!

Grinding Your Herb

Preheat unit. Before filling the chamber, allow vaporizer to heat up without mouthpiece. Grind herb and fill the desired amount into the chamber. For best results, grind herb to the consistency of crushed pepper. Loosely fill the chamber then gently pack it down.

BATTERY LIFE & POWERING ON THE UNIT - The Exxus Mini Plus features a clear OLED display that shows the user vital vape data and is charged by the micro USB charger included in the package. Enjoy hours of continuous use, a single charge can last multiple sessions. To turn on and off, click the power button five times rapidly; please note if not done quick enough the device will not register the action.

Turning On

Press power button 5 times rapidly to turn on.

Changing Temperature

Click the top or bottom temperature controls to adjust the temperature as needed. LED screen will show desired temperature at the top and rising temperature at the bottom. To switch from F to C, hold the top temperature button and the power button for 5 seconds. The Exxus Mini Plus has a 4 minute auto shut off time to prevent wasting power and overheating.

First Charge

When you first receive the unit, charge it initially for 2 hours. After the first charge do not charge it for more than 1 hour. Charging the battery for more then 1 hour could ruin the battery or wear down the lifespan.

Charging Indicators

While charging the unit, an indicator will appear on the LED screen displaying a battery bar filling. Press the power button 5 times rapidly to turn off the device. The device will stay on standby mode when not in use. When finished charging, the LED indicator will stop its animation and then turn off.

Kit Includes:

1 x Exxus Mini Plus Device

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Cleaning Tool

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual