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End of All Shipments

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                                          End of All Shipments

Hello N3 Vapers! It is with great disdain we are announcing the end of our online sales. As we touched on in our Price Increase alert, USPS and FedEx will no longer allow any shipping of tobacco products in any form. We will continue to ship out as long as we are allowed but will have to follow federal regulations once they come into effect in March of 2021. Soon after there will be a full ban of vapor products being sold online altogether and products will only be available in stores.

We encourage all of our customers to continue using any vapor products and stay away from traditional combustible tobacco products. We have all come a long way in our effort to keep our products in your hands but cannot jeopardize our company's integrity by breaking federal law. We will always be available in our online chat, or email for support in any form and encourage our customers to remain in touch especially if you are struggling to refrain from using harmful tobacco products. Thank you all for your years of support, it has been a great pleasure meeting all our customers, hearing your stories of quitting and staying quit have given us a great deal of passion in what we do. 

Again, we will continue to serve you as much as we can for as long as we can!