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An apology

Oh, what have we done? Ever since N3Vapor started, we have been told time and time again by customers that we have ruined other Ejuice companies for them. Why? Because they can no longer stand the taste and experience of Ejuice from other companies they get from other shops, buy online, and even their previous favorite Ejuice. They are ruined on our fresh, made to order Ejuice. So if you happen to be new to N3Vapor and want to keep your current opinion on Ejuice intact - look away. Otherwise, here's the skinny on the best Ejuice.


Nearly all Ejuice out there is mass produced and has sat in bottles for ages. The good news is that old Ejuice can still be vaped if you never had our Ejuice before. The bad news is that once you've tasted our fresh made Ejuice, you'll be forever hooked. It will make you smile every time you use your vape. It will dance on your taste buds and be gentle on your coils. Let's talk about the manufacturing process.


Ejuice is like food. Actually, aside from the nicotine all the ingredients in Ejuice is stuff that you have been consuming for decades in your food. Like your favorite snack, Ejuice is mass produced and designed to sit in a warehouse, travel across the globe and then sit on the shelves for an indefinite amount of time until it is purchased in a store. Since time changes the flavor, they are designed to not taste the best fresh, but better as it sits on the shelf. If you have ever heard of the term "steeping Ejuice" or have been one of the millions that have actually went as far as leaving Ejuice sit in a dark cabinet for weeks or even worse put it in a hot water bath to rush the flavor along so you can use it you know what I am talking about.


Large manufactures understand these limitations and found a secret ingredient to make the Ejuice taste good and increase their profit margins. Sweetener. While sweet Ejuice tastes good, there is a very big downfall to this flavor additive. Have you ever wondered why your coils in your vape tank don't last as long as they used to? Or even after two days it tastes like it's burnt? More than likely the Ejuice you may be using has a high amount of sweetener. While this makes the Ejuice taste good, it reduces the life of your coils.


Why do that? In today's age shouldn't you be able to purchase the best Ejuice, put it in your tank and be amazed by the flavors immediately without the added cost of replacing a coil every few short days? 


We're small, independent, and take pride in our product here at N3Vapor. We feel the best Ejuice speaks for itself. Not the fancy colorful labels that are designed to just make you THINK you are getting quality product. We are the very definition of artisan Ejuice. Every bottle is made fresh when you order and designed to taste amazing upfront, and just like a fine wine, better as it ages. Team that up with flavors that are complex, balanced and not full of sweetener you can see why you'll never look at other Ejuice the same way.

Featured Flavor



You wont be lost at sea with this apple, watermelon, and kiwi is sure to shiver your timbers.